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Photo Recap of JComm 2013-2014

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Our year started out in true JComm style, with a hello/goodbye party!  We welcomed our new members and said goodbye to those leaving. And then we jumped feet first into planning our year with two summer work sessions.  We gave … Continue reading

JCommer Gets Health Insurance: Brighid Greene on NPR

Our very own Brighid Greene was featured in this NPR story: Can Young People Get Obamacare For $50 A Month? Sometimes

“For Obamacare to succeed, it’s crucial for young people to sign up.  Healthy young Americans need to pay into the insurance system to help cover the costs for older, sicker people,” explains Chris Arnold.

His article probes the White House’s pledge that half of young people can get coverage for $50 a month or less.

The administration mentions on its blog, emails and press releases that this $50-or-less number refers to people who are “eligible for the health insurance marketplace.”  But it doesn’t explain that that qualifier eliminates more that half of uninsured young Americans. Continue reading

JComm’s Blueprint at the Dance/USA Conference

ImageFor the past five years the Junior Committee has been representing the 21-to-30 demographic of New York City’s dance community. The Committee is made up of 20 diverse individuals working in a variety of capacities throughout the field; we are artists, administrators, educators, and advocates. Collectively we serve as a robust think tank that helps Dance/NYC better assist our peers.

Last year a project team was formed to create a case study of the committee. We began by distilling the Junior Committee’s essence into three main elements: our partnership with an established service organization, members with diverse points of view, and a self-reflexive and adaptive approach to infrastructure and programming. As we continued crafting this document we applied and were selected to present at Dance/USA’s Annual Conference.

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A little over a week ago, I attended a show at DNA featuring the work of JComm member Benn Rasmussen.  I wrote some thoughts in response to the shared evening on danceINTUIT, a collective blog that I started with some other dance writers.  Here are my thoughts on Benn’s piece Black Ground: Continue reading