[Member Blog] Leeanne M. G-Bowley: Sharing Dance Videos

One way that I like to connect with friends and family is to send a youtube video to express a sentiment.  This practice has expanded to sharing “in-spired” videos with the supporters of my dance company via social media.  Also, within In-Sight Dance we exchange videos via e-mail or social media in order to inspire each other, make each other laugh, or share something incredible.  Of course, much of these videos revolve around dance (though the Honey Badger video was an exception to that rule).

I’d like to share some of these videos with you.  Want to join in the fun?  Post your favorite dance video to share with the JComm community!

I frequently trade videos with Cody Potter, one of the dancers I have been working with from the start of In-Sight Dance Company. He shared this video this past weekend.

Here is a video that was shared with me by a great dramaturg after we just finished working on a play that had brought up much discussion about art’s role in social change and action.  The discussion continued with this video–which might be seen as an unlikely source:

A good friend of mine from college posted this on my Facebook recently.  I danced with this friend, and though we’re on different coasts, being able to share dance we see online connects us artistically as well as emotionally.  Like the first video it uses animation and here is amplifies the power of the dancer.

Mishi Castroverde, another dancer with whom I love to trade video, shared this Tedx video awhile back.  Like the Step Up video, it demonstrates how dance can be a tool for change.

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