[Member Blog] Lori: D/NYC Symposium, What I’m Most Looking Forward To!

Just a few short days until the Dance/NYC Mid-Season Symposium, and with so much to look forward to, it’s hard to make just a few recommendations… so here are my Top 10!

10. Networking over coffee and breakfast.  I’ll be working the early morning registration (which is very early on a Saturday morning), and while I will be ‘working’ I can’t wait to connect with friends and colleagues in our field.  If you haven’t registered yet, you can here.

9.  Our host venue, 3LD Art and Technology Center, is a community-oriented and artist-run production development studio.  Nestled in Lower Manhattan, 3LD also provides an ideal setting for discussion of main session Meet the Leagues and Partners: Lower Manhattan Arts League and Models of Collaboration led by Catherine Peila of Dance New Amsterdam, the panel will examine the Lower Manhattan Arts League, its model, and other established and emerging arts partnerships in NYC.

8. Stay connected to the conversation online using #dancesymp and see tweets though a live feed at the event.  I look forward to finding new friends on Twitter and continuing to follow our community in the future.  @DanceNYCJComm

7.  Networking over lunch.  Having the opportunity to interact with leaders in our field is priceless.  Also priceless, is the meal as it’s included in the cost of full registration.

6. With the recent budget cuts, find clarity in our field’s situation in the breakout session How to Be An Advocate. This breakout session will offer an overview of the current landscape of federal arts support, the challenges we face in the arts community, and will explore ways that individual artists and organizations can serve as advocates for the field.

5.  As our economy and government place new challenges to our artform, gather in these two panel sessions:
Meet the Funders: Communities and Giving in 2011 – this panel will highlight strategic opportunities for NYC dance to expand its participation in community partnerships, advocacy, education and socioeconomic development.
Dance and Diplomacy
– this panel investigates the role of dance in enacting cultural diplomacy – both across national borders and in NYC.

4.  smARTbars give you access to invaluable management consultations.  With so many great minds, they’ll have answers and inspire.  As a registered symposium attendee, you will have the opportunity to sign up for 30-minute sessions with experts in community outreach, finance, fundraising, health, law, presenting, technology and touring.  Check out the list of our geniuses.

3.  Got space?… Find answers in the panel session NYC Spaces for Dance Making. This panel addresses workspace needs and solutions for NYC dance makers, including some new opportunities to access information, subsidies, residencies, and technical and capital support for space.  Don’t miss it or you just might miss out.

2.  Together with the Dance/NYC Junior Committee learn How to Be Your Own Business in the breakout session that will explore successful practices for cultural branding and how you can apply this to express your own professional identity. Bring artist statements, business plans, press kits, marketing materials, grant applications etc. for feedback and we’ll help you advance your skills to better articulate and convey your brand.  Can someone say applicable.  And it’s FREE!

1. FREE Kick-Off Party at the K2 Lounge at The Rubin Museum of Art, this Friday night, February 25, 2011, hosted by the Junior Committee.  If you aren’t convinced check out this video.

Hope to see you there!  Check out the complete list of events and details at Dance/NYC. Be sure to tweet us @DanceNYCJComm and @DanceNYC using #dancesymp to follow the whole weekends activities.

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  1. I’m giddy with excitement. See everyone there!